What is the Business Matchmaking?

The purpose of the Business Matchmaking is to facilitating business opportunities for cooperation between companies to achieve their business goals, which will eventually ensure more revenue for our clients.

Participants in the Business Matchmaking receive the following benefits:

  • Establishment of multiple contacts and direct relations with representatives of national and international companies, institutions, and organizations of interest, in a rapid and efficient manner.
  • Identify business growth opportunities in the Middle Eastern and African region.
  • Meet face to face with the agent that you are looking for and set new suppliers with better conditions and qualities.
  • Identify new export destination as well as network in the middle eastern and African region
  • Brand Building among Industry & end users.
  • Expand your Industry network.
  • Find new source of raw materials and market of finished products
  • Increase market awareness about the Middle Eastern and African region.

How does it work?

The Business Matchmaking is done through meetings between potential buyers and suppliers in order to increase the revenue with the minimum cost to enlarge the Return of Investment (ROI). We believe it’s because the current system, with business brokers and one-sided commissions, doesn’t work. For a true win-win situation, you need a system designed to create synergistic buyers. We will help the buyers and suppliers to schedule their agenda according to their interests.